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5-Day 'How to Expat' Programme

to help you plan a move overseas when you don't know how to start

You want to move abroad but don’t know where to start

This  5 day programme has been created for you; for people who know they want to live overseas but don't know how to start the process.

This online programme will help you take those first steps to making your dream a reality.

You will discover the key points to taking your first steps towards living the life abroad you've dreamed about.

Five days of vital information

Looking at the Why, When, Where and, of course, How of moving and living abroad. Five days of vital information to help you make your living overseas dream come true.

I will delve into the reality of relocation and give you solid steps you can take today in order to make your dreams come true – as long as you do the work!

This is your life we are dealing with, so it makes sense for you to do some thinking and research. I'll give you the things to think about, and lots of resources and you'll do your own research to find out more, specific to your own life and dreams.

Sensible, practical advice for you

Going into expat life with your eyes wide open gives you the best chance of living the fabulous life you’re dreaming about.

If you go with an open mind, and prepare well, you'll have an amazing time. It just may not be what quite you expect.

So, I'll guide you and advise you, but the detail and preparation is down to you.

Go for it!

There are just five units in this programme. Each unit lasts around 15 minutes and will be available for 10 days, so you'll have plenty of time to go back over them and make sure you have all the downloads. Not long when planning a whole new life!

In less than a week you will have the information and some tools to help you move forward with an actual move overseas. 

The units will have useful links to other resources that help you plan your real life move. Some will have downloads and a bit of work to do at home, but not much at all.

There are absolutely no catches, I won't bombard you with anything else once your time in the programme is finished, that simply is not in my nature. 

"Five days of vital information to help you make your living overseas dream a reality."

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About Carole

I've spent 12 years living overseas in Japan, Germany and South Africa, recently returning to the UK - so I've seen 'both ends' of expat life!

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I cannot help you get a visa or work permit. There are just far too many variables at play here – where you live, what nationality you are, where you want to go and for what reason. Plus, there’s a whole heap of other technicalities and legal stuff that is entirely down to you.

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