5 great expat websites

5 great expat websites

Before you move

Jan 14

Expat information websites to help you

Research, research, research… before we move overseas, we want to know as much as possible about where we’re going and how we can handle all the different scenarios along the way – from how to broach the subject with our loved ones to how to cope with transitional anxiety.

In almost every article I publish, I tell you that research is the key to gathering everything you need and arming yourself with the knowledge and resilience to overcome every barrier – but where do you start?

Of course, I have to include my own websites here! Check out ExpatChild.com for practical, useful and sensible information and advice to help make your overseas relocation easy for the whole family. My Expat Directory has listings for various expat-focused businesses, and for more personal help, find out more about what I offer here on Expatability too.

The following useful list of 5 excellent websites for expats will serve as a great focus point to address some of your most pressing concerns, especially with country-specific information. For this, you can also join my Facebook Group, Expatability Chat.


With 3.3 million members from every corner of the world, more than 200 destination guides, information on 420 global cities and listings of more than 6000 events and activities every month, InterNations is the website for you if you’re looking to build a dynamic network and get talking to other expats. A welcoming and open-minded space where you can share your concerns, reach out for support and find friends to explore your new location with, helping you to feel at home wherever you’re going. Visit site.

EasyExpat Guides

Offering job listings, FAQs, classified ads and expat guides including advice on removals, visas, passports and insurances, easyexpat.com is part of the private company dotExpat Ltd and provides lots of opportunities to unpick some of the trickier aspects of expat life. Their mission is to provide you with a wealth of information about the major cities where the most expatriates live, work and thrive. There’s also the opportunity to register your own expat blog and add to a diverse list of experiences from almost every continent. Visit site.


ExpatArrivals is a part of Globe Media Ltd, who provide up to date and authoritative destination information for expats, holiday makers and global businesses. Launched in 2009 the information centre has withstood the test of time and provided country and city information for a broad range of international assignees. The country guides are extensive and cover many of the things that to start with you don’t know to ask – like electricity provisions, tipping and waste disposal, safety advice, local customs, language and healthcare. The site also covers information on more than 300 cities and 578 airports, giving you access to comprehensive guides on where to go and what to do, all available in multiple languages for your convenience. Visit site.

Experts for Expats

Some people prefer a more personalised approach and need to be able to have the information and advice they receive tailored to fit their needs, rather than wading through it by themselves. ExpertsforExpats offers a unique independent network of expert consultants and advisers; so, as well as browsing through their articles on everything from taxes, offshore investments platforms and insurances, to the impact of Brexit, you can register and choose your main concerns to be addressed by a consultant who will contact you. The drop-down list of subjects to choose from is extensive and includes mortgages, pensions, estate planning, trusts and wills. Visit site.

International Citizens

International Citizens is a reliable and well-established resource for advice, news and tips about living overseas, with articles written by expats for expats – sharing valuable real-life experiences. There’s a great list of FAQs covering international health insurance and a comprehensive library of articles covering many of the most complex topics, all easy to find and conveniently catalogued. The testimonials from people who have been in your situation and used this site to help them move on are warm and genuine and there are even some articles on fun facts about various destinations, to lighten the mood and give you some interesting things to look out for on your travels. Visit site.


If you need help discovering what to expect when you’re expatting, or would like practical and emotional support with creating your new life abroad, give me a call! I can help you navigate the challenges of moving and living overseas.

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