COVID19, lockdown, culture shock and comfort zones.

July 6

Exploring the culture shock of COVID19, lockdown and comfort zones.

In the past few months, life around the globe has changed beyond recognition as an invisible and deadly enemy has forced us all into varying degrees of lockdown. The dramatic changes to our daily lives caused by the COVID19 pandemic happened so fast that we didn’t have much time to contemplate the effect it would have on us, leaving us feeling shaken, afraid, and disoriented.

Nothing could have prepared most people for the culture shock of lockdown. And yes, I do mean culture shock.

Now we are moving out of lockdown, we are experiencing new issues, the main one of which is the matter of comfort zones. When we become anxious, we create a comfort zone. During lockdown, this comfort zone was forced upon us and now lockdown is easing, it’s becoming hard to move out of our bubble.

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