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A community and advice hub to help you create the successful international lifestyle of your dreams

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Open up a world of choice and have freedom to live and work anywhere
IS YOUR LIFE dull and grey?

You're stuck in a rut of a tedious life of work, home, eat, sleep, repeat: living for the weekend and vacations. But they're never long enough to get the wanderlust out of your system.

Soon, you're back to the dreary life, and it's stretching far ahead of you, with no light at the end of it. Until your next vacation.

Life feels colourless, joyless. The best years of your life are being wasted on the 9-5 grind, the rat-race, and giving your all to someone else's business and bank balance.

The traditional lifestyle is getting its tentacles into you, making it feel difficult to escape.

You dream of a better life, living somewhere you feel perfectly connected to, with a climate that suits you, and enjoying a perfect work/life balance.

Let's make your life colourful!

There's a whole vibrant world of life out there, just waiting for you to step into it and make it your own.

It's time to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary: to create the vividly colourful, exciting new life of your dreams.

It's time to forget regret.

Imagine having the freedom to live and work on your own terms, anywhere around the globe.

See the world. Discover new cultures. Find your own special paradise that you know is out there, waiting for you to call it home.

Exchange dull for a lively, rich new world, a bright new life.

What if there is a way for you to create this exciting new life for yourself?

this life can be yours

Imagine feeling calm, fulfilled, happy and alive each day because you're living in the place you choose to call home.

Now imagine that you've created a business that's giving you the work life balance you deserve, allowing you to actually enjoy this vibrant new lifestyle.

What if you had the opportunity to design this life for yourself? Will you take that opportunity and make it happen?

Or will you make excuses to not invest in yourself and continue to complain about your dull, safe, old world?

If you're ready to take this big, bold leap of faith in yourself, and in the support you'll receive in The Expatability Club, this perfect life can be yours very soon.

Master Your Global Lifestyle

By joining The Expatability Club you’re investing in more than just a service: you’re gaining a lifeline of support, understanding, and expert guidance. We will help you create a location independent life, and make your dream of living abroad into reality.

Gain confidence with expert mentorship

Get first-hand experience and insight giving you the confidence to make informed decisions, knowing you have a trusted mentor who has walked this path before.

Reduce stress and uncertainty

Escape the anxiety of uncertainty that comes with a significant life change. With comprehensive information and expert advice you'll get peace of mind as you navigate your exciting new life.

Succeed with real-time support and expert insight

Get advice and insight from someone who has successfully created a location-independent life and lived abroad. With real-time support and expert information.

Achieve the life of your dreams, anywhere in the world

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Who is The Expatability Club For?

Anyone looking to create a better life for themselves and their family!

You want to move abroad but don't know how to start

All the steps you need to take are detailed in the Club, with resources, links and advice to help you actively create a plan for your new life.

You live overseas and want to take control of your life

You're an accompanying partner who's given up your career for life on the move. Rediscover and reclaim your identity, value and purpose. Design your own portable career and connect with like-minded people who know this lifestyle inside and out.


You dream of having the freedom of choice, to be able to create your own life, your own business so you can work from home, anywhere.

You're relocating and want support and insight

From home to away, and back again! All the personal support you need are shared in The Expatability Club, with information, insight and advice for a soft landing and a smooth transition.

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Much more than location independence!

I'm not just about location independence - oh no! You get the full package with me.

I’ve been offering insight, information and advice about moving and living overseas for years.

Designing a location independent career is just one of the ways you can make the move overseas. There are many other options open to you.

So, if you are considering a move overseas, and want advice, help in making the decision, planning, and, well - everything - I'm the person who can help make it happen for you.

The world is your oyster and it's time for you to find the pearl!

what's inside?

Get access to world-class services, support, and your own personal expat expert in your pocket!

Comprehensive Resources

Access ever-evolving guides, and expert advice to help plan your move abroad and business creation.

aim for success

The resources are designed to help you move abroad, settle into your new life quickly and establish your own location independent business.

real-time support

A supportive, private group to provide guidance and a sense of belonging. Connect with like-minded people and expand your network.


Regular, live online calls and have freedom to discuss life abroad with those who understand its weirdness.

Exclusive Content

Members-only trainings, masterclasses, and courses on topics ranging from starting a business, to mindset and managing cultural transitions.


Learn how to create a stable, balanced lifestyle so you can enjoy your new surroundings without sacrificing your personal well-being.

Transform your life

Take control of your life, your future and your dreams. The only community you need to help you build your better life abroad.

join us now!

Design a life of international success and freedom.
Join The Expatability Club, a community and advice hub that helps you create the life of your dreams, anywhere in the world.

Expatability Club pricing plan




Paid annually

  • Access all areas of the Club
  • Full access to my self-paced course, 'Passport to Location Independence' 
  • A one-hour, 1-1 call with me on Zoom

Minimum of 6 months commitment

6 monthly MEMBERSHIP



PAID 6 monthly

  • Access all areas of the Club
  • Full access to my self-paced course, 'Passport to Location Independence' 

Minimum of 6 months commitment





  • Access all areas of the Club

Minimum of 6 months commitment

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What Clients Say

I was trying to navigate the feeling of 'failure' when my experience of moving abroad didn't go so well. After speaking to Carole I was able to get the clarity I needed and start moving on from the ordeal.

Carole encouraged me to set goals and plan less and also to consider other countries which are better for me as a single person. She also reinforced that it was not a failure on my part but the company I worked for.  

Since talking with Carole I'm able to see things with a more positive lens and starting to lay out new goals which will lead me to my next adventure abroad.

O.O 1-1 Client

Just speaking to you without having to explain my thoughts and feelings was a rare occurrence.

This put me at ease straight away, making me feel understood, which allowed me to open up to you easily. I really appreciated your kind remarks and valuable insights

Alan A  1-1 Client

I chose to work with Carole as I listened to her podcasts, read her articles and was impressed by her experience, knowledge, professionalism, and also her down-to-earth, matter-of-fact style, which I resonated with.

After working with Carole, I felt a sense of direction, reassurance, confidence, and connectedness.

M.M  1-1 Client

When I spoke to Carole my list of four questions were so easily answered, then I let her guide me to what I really needed to know. My consultation with her allowed me to make a game plan which became an easy roadmap to navigate.

Since I’ve been in France, I’ve heard many stories about nightmare consultants quick to have you cough up money but never deliver.

My advice: stick to a professional and let Carole do her magic, she really knows her stuff.

Danielle Hayduk 1-1 Client

Carole just gets it - she can relate and has such a wealth of knowledge and life experience in being an expat; relocating many times, having kids, and relocating them, and a partner who works away, not taking the traditional route and so being different to those around her.

I found this very comforting, intriguing, and reassuring - she is very strong, independent, positive, happy, encouraging, optimistic and this energy was exactly what I needed when I was feeling stressed with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

She made me feel excited for the future rather than scared.

E.B  1-1 Client

Carole is a warm and easy person to speak with. She has tremendous experience in the challenges of living and moving overseas and moving back to the UK.

She can give practical insights and to help you think of problems in new ways and potentially see things more objectively.

Brendan S  1-1 Client

About Carole

For 12 years I lived overseas, with my husband and daughter, plus assorted pets.

I escaped the corporate world and became self-employed over 30 years ago (blimey!). Since I left the 9-5 (which was actually the 8am-11pm) my life has been one long adventure. Genuinely! From backpacking solo around South America to short breaks wherever I could find a flight.

Fortunate to be able to travel the world between IT contracts, I then landed the dream job and was paid to travel the world for work. Living the dream, and I covered a lot of ground.

Life got even better! A twist of romantic fate enabled me to live for 12 years in the amazing countries of Japan, Germany and South Africa. 

So, I know the ins-and-outs of travelling, moving and living overseas, and becoming location-independent.

I've helped hundreds of people like you achieve their dream lifestyles.

My mission is to empower you to take control of your life and create the freedom you desire.

I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with this transition into a brave new world.

Let’s turn your dream into reality, together!

I'm Carole, Expat Life Mentor and Consultant, founder of ExpatChild.com and the Expatability® Chat Podcast

Please enter your details here to receive an application form. I can't wait to get to know you!

If you have any questions,
please drop me an email

Frequently Asked Questions


That's fabulous! However, life changes. You change, your kids change (oh boy, do they change!). Their needs alter as they grow up. Your needs change from country to country.

Each relocation is different. Each person is different. Each stage of your life is different. No relocation journey is the same for everyone, even within the same family.

And once you add children into the mix, you'll discover whole swathes of expat life you hadn't considered before!

Maybe you lived abroad when your situation was different? Perhaps you were working, studying or single? Now you’re unable to work due to visa issues; you’re in a couple; you have kids… Or vice versa!

Education, health, special needs, the list could go on. And – stating the bleeding obvious - a toddler is a vastly different creature than a teenager!

So, changing circumstances make your need for an understanding connection a vital part of your expat life.

Can you guarantee I will have an amazing life overseas?

I wish I could guarantee everyone would have an amazing expat life, but as we all know, that kind of guarantee isn't possible!

Yes, expat life is generally an amazing experience, but the nature of life, the universe and everything means 'things happen'...

What I do with the Expatability Club is provide you with info, insight and insider tips and provide a supportive space where you can get support whenever you need it. 


Bluntly? (Well, of course, Carole!) There's an application process so The Expatability Club is kept free of 'undesirables'!

I personally review each application to make sure that everyone who is accepted into The Expatability Club fits with my values and vision for this community. And well, just isn’t a arse! 

I'm very protective of my clients and this community, and I want each and every member to be comfortable that they are in a safe environment.

Why is there a 6 month minimum commitment?

This life is a journey, not a destination. There are certain milestones you will encounter that are well-known to me, but may catch you unawares. I don't want you to be left adrift without support at these tricky times.

You don't know what you need to know until you get there. 

Also, building a business, of any kind, takes time - there's no such thing as an overnight success! Set yourself up for success by making this commitment to you.

The Expatability Club is here to support you before, during and after your journey, every step of the way.  

Do you offer 1-1 support?

I do, yes! Places are naturally limited as there's just one of me!

My 1-1 offers are not part of The Expatability Club - you can use the regular Chat calls to ask a question. 

For some bespoke 1-1 time please check my availability here.