Notes to my pre-expat self: part 6

Notes to my pre-expat self: part 6

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May 28

Advice about expat life


If you could write to your pre-expat self, what would you say?

I asked the above question on a couple my social media channels - Facebook and Instagram.

The resulting responses were so good, so perceptive, and often poignant, I created a video series from them. 

Video 6 comes from Erin Pruett via Facebook

​I would tell myself that my life would never be the same again.
That I was not the only one.
That I would forever have ‘mixed feelings’ about it and often would not even know what to say.
That even years later reading posts and replies like this would bring up lots of thoughts and feelings.
That I would see the best and the worst of humanity at the same time.
That cultural differences do not mean injustice should be accepted despite cultural acceptance.
That I could speak up and speak out and that having a voice is something every individual from every culture deserves.
Mostly though that every individual has their own personal experience and there is no right way to feel on any given day.

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