Who is The Expatability Club for?

Anyone who wants to make a success of moving and living overseas.

If you're planning to move abroad for the first time; or  moving on to another country overseas, or even getting ready to return home, you're in the right place.

Who is The Expatability Club for?

Anyone who wants to make a success of moving and living overseas.

If you're planning to move abroad for the first time; or  moving on to another country overseas, or even getting ready to return home, you're in the right place.

Whether you’re relocating for the first time, third time or the tenth time, permanently or on a temporary assignment, The Expatability Club will help you make a success of your new life.

Who Will Benefit From Joining
The Expatability Club?


You’re considering a move abroad and want to make sure you are well-prepared for everything. There's a LOT you need to know! And the sooner you start getting the right information, the more equipped and successful you will be.


You already live abroad and your life feels stuck, and you’re unable to find your place in your new world. Perhaps your life has changed direction somehow and you need hand-holding and support. It could be that your family is growing and you want to do your best for them.


You’re moving to another country from an existing expat assignment and need to know how this will affect you and your family. Maybe you’re not too keen on your next relocation but have to move for career reasons, either your own or your partner’s.


You’re moving back home after living abroad. That’s easy! No? Repatriating is often more difficult than moving overseas in the first place. (Fact - it is...) Preparing to move back to your home country is just as important as moving overseas in the first place, but with added complexities.

There's something for everyone to benefit from here.

You'll receive guidance on every step of your expat journey, beat the overwhelm and master your global lifestyle change with sensible, practical and
well-practiced advice.

I Know What You're Thinking…

"I’ll just wing it, how hard can it be?"

Yes, you could dive in to expat life without knowing what to expect, but I wouldn’t recommend it! That only works if you find a fabulous support system instantly.

I’ll be first to acknowledge that some people thrive in the ‘winging it’ scenario. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Life has a habit of throwing curve balls and dealing with difficulties when you’re miles away from familiarity is tough.

Too many times I’ve met disillusioned people who had certain expectations on what their new life abroad would be like.

Take working, for example: They believed they’d find the perfect job the moment they stepped off the plane…

Then they discover they can’t get a job because their professional qualifications aren’t recognised in their new country; visa won’t allow them to work; fluency in language is mandatory, or there just aren’t the jobs available ‘for foreigners’.

If they do secure a job, it may be at a much lower level than they’re used to, or the local rules and culture might make life much harder than expected. Or the school finishes at midday on Wednesdays and Fridays and the working hours aren’t flexible… I’ve seen all this happen, time after time.

It’s all about managing expectations. And Expatability can help you with that.

The Expatability Club will be here when you need it with understanding and support.

"I’ll be OK, I’ve lived overseas before"

I'm sure you will be fine! However, not everyone instantly loves a certain country and not everyone finds expat life easy. Often this is completely unexpected – I know, I’ve been there. A country so many people were envious of me moving to… well, it did not work out for me; I just didn’t like it. This took me by complete surprise.

Maybe you lived abroad when your situation was different? Perhaps you were working, studying or single? Now you’re unable to work due to visa issues; you’re in a couple; you have kids…

Or vice versa!

Children, for example, add a whole new dimension to your expat life: and as they grow older, and you move again, their needs are completely different from before. Education, health, special needs, the list could go on. And – stating the obvious - a toddler is a vastly different being from a teenager. But you’d be amazed at how many people don’t take this into consideration.

So, bear in mind that not every relocation is the same. If you are finding expat life tough, join The Expatability Club for non-judgemental support and advice.

You don’t have to be a brand new expat to gain a lot from the community here.

"I’ll work it out for myself, there’s plenty of free information online"

Indeed there is. And I know this because I have contributed a whole heap of it myself!

However, you then need to rely on searching for information and hoping Google comes up with the most relevant data for you. Which means you also need to know exactly what you need to know.

I recognise your individuality and, with regular Q&A sessions and interactive webinars, I will endeavour to address any specific questions you may have.

Proper preparation is essential for a successful life abroad. Expatability can help you by gathering everything you need to know into one place, saving you time and energy.

Wherever you are on your relocation journey, improve your Expat Ability today!

Get honest, upfront and sensible guidance on every step of your expat journey today!

$20 every month

$54 every three months

Learn how to efficiently prepare and plan for your new life overseas. Navigate every step of your expat journey, discover useful insights in the unique aspects of expat life and understand how to readjust to life after returning home

Expatability will provide you with authentic and practical insights, advice and guidance to help you move smoothly and happily into your new expat adventure.

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