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Helping you navigate moving and living overseas. The Expatability Chat episodes here help you understand certain aspects of expat life that you may not have considered. 

Along with ExpatChild.com, the Expatability Chat podcast gives you deep insight and valuable advice and tips to help you make a smooth move and fabulous life overseas.

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What to expect when you're expatting! Episodes on certain aspects of expat life that can be a surprise if you're not properly prepared.



Moving back home after a life abroad can be more difficult than you'd expect. 

culture shock

Culture Shock

Culture shock

Don't know where to start?

Need help making your decision to move? Want advice on how to choose a school overseas? Frustrated by the choices you have?

I'm here to help! Just book a 1 hour, 1 to 1 chat with me and you can talk it all through with someone who understands the whole expat life 'game'!

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