Expat support that's as unique as you are!

Each and every person is different. You want and need different things in life; you have different likes, dreams and dislikes.

We do have one thing in common though; we all want to give our children the best life possible. And this too means embracing differences. What's best for one kid isn't necessarily best for another. I understand that.

A cookie-cutter life simply does not exist. This is why you shouldn't choose a cookie-cutter adviser or consultant for your important decision making process.

Nobody could ever call me cookie-cutter!

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My approach

Let's just clear this bit up to start: I am a straight-talker. Down to earth, practical and logical - you'll get no BS from me. And, as a mentor rather than a 'coach', it's likely I'll actually tell you what you should do instead of being fluffy and gently encouraging you to work it out for yourself. What would be the point of that? You're asking me for my experienced advice, so that's what you'll get. You have been warned! 

You can talk to me about anything; no judgement here, and you won't need to explain the whole 'expat-thing' to me, because I get it.

I'm an independent advisor. And this is also important for you to know as I recognise some of you may find my details via your company's intranet. Anything we discuss will be completely confidential - I'm not affiliated to any company. You can be completely open with me.

Are these some of the questions you're worrying about?

  • How can I be sure I'm making the best decisions for my family?
  • What happens if this turns out to be a huge mistake?
  • How do I help my children prepare for this move?
  • What's the best way to help kids adapt?
  • How do I manage everything I need to get done?
  • How do I handle family making me feel guilty?
  • What's the best way to prepare for moving back home?

why you should talk to me about your move!

There's no substitute for experience.

There are lots of people out there helping expats in various ways. They may have lived in more countries than me; they may have more kids than me - or no kids; they may have all kinds of letters after their name.

However, there is absolutely no substitute for experience - whether that's expat experience, parenting experience, or just general life experience. I have the lot!

If you're up for speaking to someone who is rational, pragmatic and plain-speaking, get in touch! I am unique, practical and full of real-life experience (so many experiences!). My natural problem-solving abilities and independence and self-sufficiency will help you triumph during this busy, life-changing time.

Allow me to let my experience help your move and life abroad be a success.

Let's talk!

I'll listen to your concerns and come up with the best solutions based on your individual requirements. I am confident in my ability to provide experience-led advice and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Talking about your relocation, and any concerns with a neutral, yet highly experienced outsider helps bring clarity and comfort to whatever issue you are finding most challenging right now.

While I can’t make your decisions for you, I can offer honest advice, experience-based suggestions, recommendations, tools, tips and resources to lighten your mental and emotional load.

I chose to work with Carole as I listened to her podcasts, read her articles and was impressed by her experience, knowledge, professionalism, and also her down-to-earth, matter-of-fact style, which I resonated with.

M M - Expat Espresso Client


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Ways to work with me

  • Expat Espresso
    A one hour, one-to-one video chat to blast through your most pressing concerns. Usually, we can completely sort out your dilemmas in this one, straight-forward hour's chat. You'll be asked some questions on the booking form, so as much information that you can give me at that point will be most helpful.  BOOK HERE
  • Expat Espresso Extra Shot
    An upgrade to your one-to-one call with me. As a result of our chat, you may find it helpful to have me create a totally bespoke action plan for you. This will include resources, links and research I do on your behalf, using my connections and experience to find what you need. You can request it after your booking, or after we have spoken.
  • Expat Ristretto
    Occasionally I have space for some half-hour slots in my one-to-one schedule. If these are available, you will need to be very clear on the one question you would like to chat about. BOOK HERE
  • Bespoke 1-1 packages - Available on request. Please email me to discuss what you need and let's work something out!


Are you a Coach or a Counsellor?

I am a mentor, not a coach or counsellor. Thank you for asking as they are all very different.

As a mentor, I am more inclined to actually tell you what to do, rather than send your questions back to you to work it out for yourself. You need answers and I will do my utmost to give them to you. Even if they're not quite what you want to hear - that's the authentic side of me coming out. My 'no BS' bit.

As a mentor, I promise to provide you with:

  • A safe environment to talk about whatever you need to talk about – no judgment here
  • Someone who understands how it feels to live the expat life with children
  • Understanding – I’ve been there and done that (probably!)
  • Support to create an action plan you need to move forward
  • Out of the box ideas and advice

Am I doing the right thing moving my family abroad?

The most likely answer to this question is a big, fat YES! 

However, there are always individual considerations to take into account. I have spoken to clients who have dreams that simply cannot be made into a reality - and on occasion I have told them that they would be making a mistake.

A lot depends on your expectations. I could write pages and pages on this, but perhaps it would be better to talk. That way, I can hear your plans and give my insight and advice to help you solidify your plans. So, please book a call with me.

Is there anything you can't help me with?

Yes. There are certain topics I don't deal with, mainly for legal reasons. These include:

  • Getting a visa – please research your options through your chosen country’s government website
  • Finding you a house - please read this article on my ExpatChild website - Buying Property Overseas and listen to my podcast episode - Finding Your New Home Overseas     ·        
  • Helping you find a job - please read here - How to Find a Job Overseas and Portable Careers
  • I cannot give you legal advice, although I can recommend expert lawyers.
  • I cannot guarantee you a fabulous expat life. That's up to you!

For other information on your first steps to expat life, please read these - How to Become an ExpatHow to Expat And when you're ready to move, let's chat further!

How do these meetings work?

I use Zoom, which is a video conferencing tool. As soon as you book your slot with me a unique entry code and link is generated for our meeting which then whizzes its way to you via email (which is why you need to double check your email address is correct!).

To ensure we don’t lose time at our appointment, I recommend you familiarise yourself with the system. It’s really simple, I promise!

To start, you need to download a small app from the Zoom Download Centre. If you do this now, you’ll be ready to go. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click our Join Link.

When it’s time for our meeting, simply click the link and I’ll be there waiting to chat!  

For more information about how to join a Zoom meeting, click here.

There are no suitable times available. What can we do?

I'm based in the UK, so my time zone is GMT (or BST if summer time!). The booking calendar is very clever and should automatically change to display your time zone. But please double check! Simply click on the option to the right of the calendar to ensure your own time zone is selected. My available times will quickly convert to your time zone.

If there aren't suitable times available because our different time-zones make it difficult, please drop me an email and we will see if we can work something out. 

If you're looking for a free chat, I've stopped offering these as there were too many time-wasters. I'm happy to have a brief conversation via email if you'd like more information on my services.

mM-Expat Espresso Client

“I felt very overwhelmed, unsure, lost, scared, worried. The biggest issues I was facing were a long list, having a complex situation I was trying to work through the overwhelm of relocation, removals, education, medical, jobs, housing. Uppermost was the issue of uncertainty; of whether it was the right thing to do or not.

And then I found Carole! I had been searching for an expert to consult with and came across Carole and her websites. I chose to work with her as I listened to her podcasts, read her articles and was impressed by her experience, knowledge, professionalism, and also her down-to-earth, matter-of-fact style, which I resonated with.

After working with Carole, I felt a sense of direction, reassurance, confidence, and connectedness. She helped me with a range of topics we discussed and helped me with contacts, links, direct information, and also her guidebooks and lists, which are invaluable.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, at a loss, in limbo or alternatively know what you want but don’t know how or where to start, I would highly recommend contacting Carole. She is approachable, friendly, factual, professional and has a wide range of experience with an abundance of resources. You will not be disappointed.”


limited spaces - secure your spot today

Don't know where to start?

Just ask! Drop me an email with your questions and I'll be happy to clarify anything for you.