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Danielle Hayduk

1-1 client

I grew up in France, but had lived in the States for the past 40 years. So when I decided to go back to France, not wanting to feel like I stepped out of a time machine, I figured it might be a good idea to get some professional advice - as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know.
When I spoke to Carole I took out my list of four questions, so easily answered, then I let her guide me to what I really needed to know. My consultation with her allowed me to make a game plan which became an easy roadmap to navigate - that is as easy as French red tape can be.
Since I’ve been in France, I’ve heard many stories about nightmare consultants quick to have you cough up money but never deliver.
My advice: stick to a professional and let Carole do her magic, she knows her stuff.

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"We're all individuals!"


We want and need different things in life; we have different likes, dreams and dislikes. And this is particularly true when we move abroad.

Just because someone thinks as certain country is perfect, it doesn't mean everyone else likes it.

We do have one thing in common though; we all want to have the best life possible. And this means embracing differences. What's right for one isn't necessarily right for another. I understand that. Been there!

A cookie-cutter life overseas simply does not exist. This is why you shouldn't choose a cookie-cutter adviser or consultant to help make your life abroad a success from every aspect.

Nobody could ever call me cookie-cutter!

Get ready to embark on a life-changing adventure with invaluable insights, tips, and advice to make your international move a smooth and successful one.

Unlock the secrets to a thriving expat life

Get your own expat expert in your pocket to support you as you step into your life abroad with confidence.


Well, experience, basically! There's no substitute for experience. I've been there, done that, and got more t-shirts than you've had hot dinners!

There are many people out there helping expats in various ways. They may have lived in more countries than me; they may have more kids than me - or no kids; they may have all kinds of letters after their name.

However, there is absolutely no substitute for experience - whether that's expat experience, parenting experience, or just general life experience. I have the lot!

If you want to work with someone who is rational, pragmatic and plain-speaking, get in touch! I am unique, practical and full of real-life experience (so many experiences!). My natural problem-solving abilities, insight and wisdom will help you triumph during this exceptional new life of yours.

I can help you make your life abroad a success.


Are you a Coach or a Counsellor?

I am a mentor, not a coach or counsellor. Thank you for asking as they are all very different.

As a mentor, I am more inclined to actually tell you what to do, rather than send your questions back to you to work it out for yourself. Yeah, I'm a bit 'bossy'!

You need answers and I will do my best to give them to you. Even if they're not quite what you want to hear - that's the authentic side of me coming out. My 'no BS' bit.

As a mentor, I promise to provide you with:

- A safe environment to talk about whatever you need to talk about – no judgment here

- Someone who understands how it feels to live the expat life with children

- Understanding – I’ve been there and done that (probably!)

- Support to create an action plan you need to move forward

- Out of the box ideas and advice

Is this move abroad the right decision?

The most likely answer to this question is a big, fat YES!

However, there are always individual considerations to take into account. I've spoken to clients who have dreams that simply can't be made reality - and I have told them that.

A lot depends on your expectations. I could write pages on this, but perhaps it would be better to talk. That way, I can hear your plans and give my insight and advice to help you solidify your plans.

So, please book a call with me.

Is there anything you can't help me with?

Yes. There are certain topics I don't deal with, mainly for legal reasons. These include:

Getting a visa – please research your options through your chosen country’s government website

Finding you a house - please read this article on my ExpatChild website – Buying Property Overseas and listen to my podcast episode - Finding Your New Home Overseas

Help you find a job – please read here - How to Find a Job Overseas and Portable Careers

I cannot give you legal advice, although I can recommend expert lawyers.

I cannot guarantee you a fabulous expat life. That's up to you!

For other information on your first steps to expat life, please read these – How to Become an Expat, and How to Expat 

And when you're ready to move, let's chat further!

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I'm based in the UK, so my time zone is GMT (or BST if summer time!). The booking calendar automatically display your time zone. But please double check! Simply click on the option to the right of the calendar to ensure your own time zone is selected. My available times will quickly convert to your time zone.

If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we will see if we can work something out.

If you're looking for a free chat, I've stopped offering these as there were too many time-wasters. I'm happy to have a brief conversation via email if you'd like more information on my services.


What they say


1-1 client

"Since talking with Carole I am able to see things with a more positive lens and starting to lay out new goals which hopefully will lead me onto my next adventure abroad." 

Alan A.

1-1 client

"I really enjoyed our conversation. Just speaking to you without having to explain my thoughts and feelings was a rare occurrence. This put me at ease straight away, making me feel understood, which allowed me to open up to you easily."

Any questions? Drop me an email and I'll get back to you with the answers

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