Hi, I'm Carole!

Expat Life Mentor and Consultant

Available for speaking engagements

Supporting expat parents as you navigate the challenges of moving and living overseas with your children.

As a seasoned expat, traveller and parent I've moved and lived overseas as an 'accompanying expat partner' AKA trailing spouse. We spent 12 years overseas and moved back home to UK, too. 

So, I've seen expat life from both ends!

Speaking Topics

The main topics I talk and write about on my websites, podcast and social media.

  • Planning and preparation
  • Expat kids
  • Expat education
  • Expat life

Plus a myriad of sub-topics. There is a LOT to moving and living overseas (and back home again) with your kids. 

can probably talk about anything else you have in mind - just flick the switch and set me off!

plan and prepare

Everything to help you plan and prepare for your overseas move with your children.
NB It's much more than packing!

expat children

Everything about parenting an expat child and some of the unique situations life overseas can bring to the family.

expat education

How to choose a school overseas; from the types of education available to choosing the right one for your child.

expat life

What is expat life really like? Expat life is amazing! Yet it can also present some unique challenges.

Expatability Chat Podcast

Launched in the middle of the Covid lockdown in 2020, the Expatability Chat podcast gives a new audience the opportunity to discover tips and advice on moving and living overseas with children. Now onto season 2, I talk about all the topics above, and more, of course!

The button below takes you to my podcast page, but you can find Expatability Chat on all podcast platforms.

most downloaded episodes

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Repatriation Blues: moving back home

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How to Prepare Kids for Moving Overseas

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Before You Say 'Yes' to a Move Overseas

Season 1: Episode 3

Expat mental health

Season 1: Episode 15

Carole in the media - and more

Find me in the media, on video and on podcasts. Please do get in touch if you'd like me to say a few (or many!) words!

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A life abroad is more than bricks and mortar


learn more about me and my online expat world

Back in 2012 I launched ExpatChild.com - my popular advice and informational website comprising 100s of articles on all aspects of expat life, with and without children.

I've also written a couple of books, created expat resources such as packing lists and eBooks.

Rather than fill this page with all the details of everything I do and have done, please click here to go to a page on ExpatChild with more details about me and my online expat world.

Or just get in touch and ask me questions!


Read what my clients say about me

I had been searching for an expert to consult with and came across Carole and her websites. I chose to work with her as I listened to her podcasts, read her articles and was impressed by her experience, knowledge, professionalism, and also her down-to-earth, matter-of-fact style, which I resonated with.

After working with Carole, I felt a sense of direction, reassurance, confidence, and connectedness. She helped me with a range of topics we discussed and helped me with contacts, links, direct information, and also her guidebooks and lists, which are invaluable.


expat espresso client

With Carole’s personal experience of living overseas in many locations for many years and then returning to the UK she was able to remind me that there are nearly always options. And her honest assessments on the practicalities of moving children of exam school age were invaluable.

Carole is a warm and easy person to speak with. She has tremendous experience in the challenges of living and moving overseas and moving back to the UK. She can give practical insights and to help you think of problems in new ways and potentially see things more objectively.”



In order to cope, I booked myself in to an Expat Espresso meeting with Carole; someone who has always been there for me even though she didn’t even know I existed.

Carole was a balm to my feelings, a calm and soothing voice that nailed 5 of my major struggles without me actually saying them out aloud. How does she even do that?

If you are like me, an expat navigating these weird times and you can put an hour to talk to Carole, I urge you to do so.



I’d love to talk about what matters to you.

Drop me a message and let's chat!