expat support for a 


voxer or email

Go from overwhelmed to calm, whatever your situation and wherever you are in the world! 

Imagine having your own personal expat expert in your pocket

Yep, me at the end of a messaging app, or email, to support and advise you on anything expat.

Get strategies and personalised advice in a more relaxed way than an intense Zoom call. Messaging, or email, allows you to send a message whenever something new crops up. Trying to remember, then recall, everything we discuss in a Zoom call can be hard work. 

This takes the pressure off you.

Why Does Messaging Work?

Eliminates Time Zone* Problems

Time zones can make communication difficult.

Trying to find a time that works for both you and me can be impossible! So, messaging is the solution.

Depending on the time difference, we may need to spread this connection over 2 half days. We can discuss that.

Confidential for the Tricky Topics

Messaging is ideal for you if you want to talk about parenting or relationship stuff, but can't find time to talk freely on a call with me about your little darlings.

Because we are messaging, you can type what you want, when you want.

And it stays just between us.

Working Around YOUR Life

Wonderful for you to workaround as you go about your busy days.

I know how busy life can be. Understatement!

I'm here for you. Responding to YOUR needs and YOUR questions. Get your questions and concerns sorted out whenever they crop up for you during our allotted time.

*I'm in the UK. GMT / London time. While I am flexible and accommodating, I do need sleep at some times. Scroll down for some more details on how the system works when you book.


Voxer is a free walkie-talkie voice/text message app. If you can use WhatsApp, Messenger and simple texting, you can use Voxer! Scroll to the FAQs for a little more info.

Book a Day With Me Here

A quick comment on the availability that shows when you click: It may be when the system converts to your time zone, it looks like we start in the middle of the night. That's time zones for you!

Don't panic, we can work it out. Just select a day and I'll contact you with a solution to make it work for us both.


What they say

Carole is very strong, independent, positive, happy, encouraging, optimistic and this energy was exactly what I needed when I was feeling stressed with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

EB - 1-1 Client

I’ve heard many stories about nightmare consultants quick to have you cough up money but never deliver.
My advice: stick to a professional and let Carole do her magic, she knows her stuff.

DH - 1-1 Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie voice/text message app that works on iPhone, Android and a desktop browser.

It allows us to use an easy messaging service. If you can use WhatsApp, Messenger and simple texting, you can use Voxer!

You can find it on your device's app store or just Google 'Voxer'.

Why Voxer? (We can also use email if it suits you better)

The reason I use Voxer - and have done since 2018 - is because it keeps business and personal life separate.

You really don't want to see the random memes I send to my daughter! 

However, if you don't want to download yet another app - and I TOTALLY get that - we can use email instead. I'm flexible: let's use whatever works best for you.

Do you need my phone number?

Nope! Voxer works with an email address, so when the group is open, I will add your email and voilà, you're in!

Can I ask you anything?

Absolutely! Anything goes (within reason, of course).

But do check the FAQs here for the topics I cannot help you with, just in case.

I'm here for you. Book now and let's get your show on the road!

Any questions? Drop me an email and I'll get back to you with the answers!