When is the best time to move abroad with children?

March 15

What's the best age to move overseas with kids? Does it make a difference?

Moving abroad with children; what to expect, how to prepare them and how to support them.

When I started writing ExpatChild.com back in 2012 there wasn’t much information on moving overseas with kids. As I wanted a guidebook to relocating with children, I decided to write one myself!

This episode will be the start of a series about this very topic: how to help your children have a smooth move into expat life.

We all want the best for our children, and we all want them to experience the easiest possible transition, so in this episode I’ll start by sharing just a few of the amazing benefits your expat child can gain. You’re setting your child up to become a well-rounded, globally relevant and internationally aware adult.

Then I’ll talk about timing: what is the best age to make the move abroad with your children? Is there a ‘best age’? And I’ll explain how different age groups cope and adapt. And also, the time of year can have an effect on how swiftly your child will adapt to their new expat life, so that’s something to consider too.

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