Conversations before moving overseas

July 13

Before you say yes to a move abroad

Conversations to have with your partner before going for an international assignment.

Most problems arise from assumptions and unfounded expectations. So deal with those before you agree to move.

Maybe you’re not completely 100% sure about this massive decision just yet. Maybe you’re not sure if expat life is right for you?

Maybe you have concerns about the destination? Perhaps it’s a timing issue? Have you discussed the future? What happens once the assignment is finished, or if one of you wants to stay and the other wants to leave?

There are numerous aspects of expat life that need thinking and talking about before you leap off into the wild blue yonder.

Even if you’re raring to go, there are still some discussions you need to have with yourself and with your partner. Even if you’ve said yes already, there’s still time to clear up some of the following issues.

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