How to research expat life

September 7

How to research expat life effectively

I expect the first thing you did as soon as you heard you may be moving overseas was to start researching your potential destination.

Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people make assumptions about a country and don’t bother to research it.

People who make the most successful transition abroad are those who are fully prepared and have done their research. 

You need to work out if a country will be a good fit for all members of your family. It’s hard to gauge what it will be like based on other people’s perspective, which is what you’ll find when you search; someone else’s view of a place may differ wildly from yours.

Researching the rules and regulations, visas, work permits, culture and customs, geographical information, climate etc is one thing, you need to stick to the facts and note what is relevant to you. When it comes to finding out if that destination will suit you and your family, you need to be more circumspect and open minded.

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