Repatriation Blues

July 1

How to manage an unexpected, unwanted or unplanned repatriation

“Every goodbye calls for preparation, but most times, life takes us by surprise.”
– Elisabetta Gnone

Repatriation after an expat assignment is hard for everyone. It’s even more difficult when your move back home is unexpected, unplanned, and unwanted.

This time of year (June/July) is traditionally the time expat families move on. But this year, the COVID19 pandemic has forced many expats to move back home suddenly, without notice and with little time to plan. 

So, this first Expatability Chat episode is all about repatriating and therefore, I’m starting at the end of expat life!

Lots of sympathy, advice, information, and insights so you’re realistically prepared for expat, and ex-expat life. 

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