Expat education options

November 2

Finding the right school overseas

An overview of the main types of expat education options available and how to choose the right one for your child.

Tips and advice on what to keep in mind when choosing a school abroad. Do you choose a local school or an international school? Home education or virtual school? How to find a school for your SEN child and more!

Sometimes parents put too much emphasis on trying to find a ‘good’ school. This is very hard to judge as a parent as it depends on the curriculum, the teachers and differs from class to class and from child to child, even within the same family. 

Each child is different; each country’s school system is different. Also, families differ in their requirements and wishes and even relocations vary greatly.

Make choices for your child and your family. Not necessarily the school ‘everyone else’ sends their children to.

What is more important is that your child is happy there; a happy child learns, regardless of the school’s reputation.

Expat Education Books and Resources

'Expat Education: An Expat's Guide to Choosing a School Overseas

An an absolute must-read if you’re moving overseas with children. Choosing the right school for your child is a complex decision based on many factors. ‘Expat Education’ explores these aspects to make the decision easier for you and shares how to make your child’s move into their new school, in a new country, a less stressful one.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a School Abroad - instant access eBook

An introduction to the considerations you need to take into account when planning your move overseas and your child’s education. Questions for yourself and a list of questions to ask your potential school.

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