Know before you go – the legal stuff

November 16

Some legal aspects of moving and living overseas

Vital information on what you need to know before you move overseas, from a legal point of view.

Including crucial information about moving overseas with your children. What you need to know before you move abroad with kids, in relation to international law on habitual residence, The Hague Convention, and paperwork needed when travelling with your children.

Taking a look at your relationship and whether it will be recognised in your host country or even illegal. 

Is your visa status safe or precarious?

Also, protecting yourself in the event of separation or divorce, even if you’re deliriously happy right now. 

Moving abroad requires careful planning. You should obtain legal advice as soon as possible. The more you can do in advance to ensure that your move goes smoothly the better. It is essential that you fully understand the potential impact of the relocation of your family life now and in the future.

Knowledge is power, and it’s helpful to know this stuff.

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