Apr 25

How to move abroad

Expat Life Advice

Do you want to live overseas? Of the many questions about moving and living overseas I have received over the years, this one stands out as the most asked… “I want to move abroad. How do I do that?” And my favourite version of this, the deliciously succinct… “How do I expat?” It seems that […]

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Jan 14

5 great expat websites

Before you move , Research

Expat information websites to help you Research, research, research… before we move overseas, we want to know as much as possible about where we’re going and how we can handle all the different scenarios along the way – from how to broach the subject with our loved ones to how to cope with transitional anxiety. […]

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Nov 12

5 books to help support the expat partner

Before you move

Books to support the travelling expat partner Very often an overseas move is driven by an irresistible employment prospect – for one half of a couple, one parent in a family. It’s a fantastic opportunity and everyone gets on board but in the heat of the excitement and the whirlwind of planning, it can be easy to overlook the […]

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Oct 15

5 expat books to read before you move overseas

Before you move

Books about moving and living abroad There’s nothing quite like a good book. Whether you’re looking for a practical lifestyle guide to help you to forge ahead with your plans, a journey through emotional intelligence and well-being to help you overcome negative feelings, or just an entertaining read to nurture your sense of adventure and […]

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Oct 04

A guide to choosing a school overseas


A guide to selecting the right school abroad for your childChoosing the right school for your child is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make as a parent when relocating overseas.Do you go for an international school or a local school? Which international school system?Will the language barrier be too much if you choose a local […]

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