Paperwork and The In-Home Survey

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Sorting out your personal paperwork and how to prepare yourself for your in-home survey

Two distinct but connected topics as your path towards Packing Day is one way; and it’s coming up soon.

You may be a supremely organised person who deals promptly and efficiently with all your paperwork as soon as you have some. Or you may be like me; stuffing it randomly into a drawer to file another day… most likely, that ‘another day’ is when you next have to move house…

The first part of this episode is all about organising your paperwork for disorganised people!

In the second part of this episode, I’ll take you through step by step, what happens with your in-home survey: when the removal company’s assessor comes to take stock of what you’ll be shipping.

Lots of useful hints and tips for those of you who don’t move overseas with just two suitcases!

Resources to help you organise your expat life!

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