Packing Day! It’s the final countdown.

Don’t worry, I’m not singing anywhere in this episode!

Starting from about 3 weeks before Packing Day; with advice, hints and tips on what needs doing now. Including a few items to make sure you get now.

Then some experienced tips on how to make Packing Day run smoothly for both you and your packing crew. Plus how to cope with the big day itself.

Once that’s done, the hardest part is over, and you’re on you first leg of the journey to your new, expat life.

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More resources to help you organise your expat life!

Plan And Pack For Your Overseas Move

A complete guide to organising your packing ready to move abroad.

How to organise your packing and decluttering to help make your relocation abroad a success from the start.

Discover how to sort out which items to take with you, which to leave behind and how to get everything to your new country. And your arrival at your new home isn’t forgotten either, with tips on how to help your children settle into their new home – and you too!

FREE Moving Overseas Checklist to download

1 to 1 Expat Espresso Chat

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Know before you go!

5 essential topics to discuss with your partner before you move abroad.

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