January 18, 2021

Decluttering Before a Move Overseas

Or just decluttering… you don’t need to be moving home to have an occasional clear out of excess ‘stuff’.

Decluttering is actually stage one of your preparation to move overseas!

Start as soon as you know you’re moving abroad. Whether that’s two years in advance or two months. Getting started is often the hardest part. 

With tips, tricks and advice from someone who hates decluttering, but has had to do it often! Find out how to declutter with kids around, discover logical methods to make this necessary task easier and learn my one key mantra to help you make tough decisions.

Even if you’re not moving overseas, having an occasional clear out of the clutter really does help clear some mental space too.

Resources to help you organise your expat life!

Plan And Pack For Your Overseas Move

A complete guide to organising your packing ready to move abroad.

How to organise your packing and decluttering to help make your relocation abroad a success from the start.

Discover how to sort out which items to take with you, which to leave behind and how to get everything to your new country. And your arrival at your new home isn’t forgotten either, with tips on how to help your children settle into their new home – and you too!

FREE Moving Overseas Checklist to download

More Resources and Links

  • Plan And Pack For Your Overseas Move: A complete guide to organising your packing ready to move abroad. eBook available here
  • 'You've Arrived! Now What?' Arrive well checklists and eBook for your smooth arrival overseas – available here
  • Packing Lists – available here
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