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Helping you navigate moving and living overseas with your children. 

Along with, this Expatability Chat podcast gives you deep insight and valuable advice and tips to help you make a smooth move abroad.

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When you're planning a move overseas, it's vital that you prepare well, realistically and take note of certain points in order to protect yourself, your kids and have the fabulous expat life you deserve.

'You've Arrived! Now What?'
Invaluable ‘things to pack and do’ ready for your arrival in a new country!

My book, ‘Expat Education: An Expat’s Guide to Choosing a School Overseas’ can be found on your local Amazon: 


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Plan And Pack For Your Overseas Move

A complete guide to organising your packing ready to move abroad. eBook available here

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Packing lists to cover all the possible shipment combinations, all ready made for you

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Need help making your decision to move? Want advice on how to choose a school overseas? Frustrated by the choices you have?

I'm here to help! Discover all the ways I can help you. Get support from someone who understands the whole expat life 'game'.

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